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Production, mixing and mastering studio in Bergen, Norway


+47 959 45 588

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Mohog Audio Mofet76

Audio Design Recording Vocal Stresser F769X-R

Audio Design Recording Gemini Easy rider

Summit Audio TLA-50

Dizengoff D864

Siemens U 273b (x2)

Radial Komit  (x2)

Igs One La 

dbx 163 

dbx 162 

dbx 118

Spl transient designer

Api 2500

BAE 10 DC (x2)

Shure Level Loc

Api 525

NTB 179-160 limiter

Drawmer DS201 dual gate​

Lisson Grove -AR-1


Quested H 108

Quested sub

ATC Scm10


Stam Audio SA-47

Shure KSM313

Shure SM7


Trident Trimix 18-8-2 mixer


Arp odyssey 

Korg 770

Moog the rogue

Roland rs 202 strings

Korg ms 20 mini modular

Eurorack modular

Behringer vocoder vc 340


Siemens v72

Capi VP28 (x2)

Heritage Audio 73 JR mic pre (x2)

AML-17-038 - ez1073pre (x2)

Analog Addiction tube preamp

TK Audio DP1 MK3

Sony SRA 3 Preamp

Auditronics 501 Channel strip (x2)

Altec 1589B


Overstayer MAS.

Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet.

Roger Mayer456HD Tape Emulator (x2)

TK Audio S-blender

Lynx Hilo


Chandler Limited Curve Bender

Thermionic Culture the pullet

Neumann Pev Eq

Urei 565 filter

Siemens W 295b Eq (x4)

Map 3100 Eq  (x2)

Dbx 110 subharmonic synthesizer.

Shure sr 107 Eq (x2)

Heritage Audio 73 Eq JR (x2)

Little Labs vog

reverb & DELAY

Roland space echo 201

Yamaha spx 90

Korg ssd-2000

Yamaha E1005 delay

AP s-303 analog echo

Hiwatt tape echo

Vermona retroverb spring

Pioneer sr-202 (x2) spring

Master rom xl-210 spring

Vestafire RV-3 spring


Orange Dual Terror


Antelope Audio Orion 32+
Pro Tools Ultimate

Studer A812 Tape machine

Revox G 36 Tape Recorder

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